He moves at the footsteps of Muhammad Ali: Cristiano Ronaldo is a Muslim ?!

“I want to help God help me and turn to the right path and the true faith,” Cristiano Ronaldo, the striker of Real Madrid, who wants to switch to Islam, according to the world’s press, said in 2013.
One of the best footballers of the world has admitted that he often talks about this religion and that he is thinking about becoming a Muslim.

As a reason for such a position, Ronaldo stressed the association with former teammate Mesut Ozil, who he considers to be honest and honest, reports “New”.

“Faith should not divide friendship and lead to wars. God created faith in joining us into one community. I am a Christian, but I personally claim that Ozil’s faith is more beautiful, “said Portugal’s representative, who then added:

“I did not know that the Muslims were so honest and honest as Ozil. I do not know for now, but maybe in the future I’ll be a brother to the Muslim Ozil. ”

“I really love Muslims because I feel that their life is appropriate and regulated in every thing and this is no coincidence. I know a lot about this religion and everything that is said in the media is just a little confusing, “Ronaldo once said.

One of Ronaldo’s current best players today said:

“There is a time for spread, there is a time to read the Qur’an … I read the Qur’an many times and I loved it because it rests my psyche and I am thrilled with it.”

If Ronaldo goes to Islam, he will not be the first famous athlete to do it. Certainly the most famous athlete who replaced the Christian faith with Islam is Cassius Marcellus Clay, the famous boxer, who was three times the world heavyweight champion and was named Muhammad Ali. Mike Tyson, Celestino Caballero Martinez and Juan Carlos Gomez have also been cross-referenced to the change in faith among boxers.

The Portuguese will not be one footballer who has switched to Islam, because many have done so before him, and the Frenchs are Frank Ribery and Nicolas Anelka. Bayern, who is otherwise married to a Muslim woman, was named Bilal Jusuf Muhammad, while the current striker of Juventus was Abdul-Salam Bilal. Eric Abidal, as well as Robin van Persie, changed the faith.


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